About us

Confabulation is a monthly storytelling event in Toronto, Montreal and Victoria. We share stories — true as we can tell them. They are honest accounts spanning moments or generations — all told by the people who lived them, without notes, props or gimmicks.

Founded in Montreal in 2010 by Matt Goldberg, Confabulation has since expanded now producing events in Toronto and Victoria—where the show has continued to thrive, expanding the community of storytellers across Canada.

Confabulation Toronto began in March 2016 by Paul Aflalo and Andrea Elalouf. The show has become an integral part of the Toronto storytelling community. We have collaborated with local partners, including the Toronto Storytelling Festival.

What sets Confabulation apart from other true-life storytelling shows is our dedication to the craft of storytelling. All storytellers, from veterans to first-timers, get one-on-one time with our production team to structure, style, and sharpen their story, giving our shows a focused and personal feel – like you’re in a friend’s living room. Each showcase is focused on a different theme that ties the evening together.

Our mandate:

To promote and practice the art of true-life storytelling within Canada;

To showcase a diversity of stories and storytellers;

To collaborate with, assist, and develop the community of storytellers;

To create a platform for unheard voices, emerging artists and professional storytellers. To give voice to the multitude of actual, lived experiences of our communities—connecting people with true stories of our world.